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The Upper Midwest Haylist is a cooperative effort of the Extension Services of Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. Haylist is a self-service tool that enables buyers and sellers of hay (straw and corn silage too!) in the U.S. and Canada to announce and search available or needed hay lots and to view haylot summary data.

There is no charge to list hay or to search hay listings, and lots are not required to be located within the sponsoring states. You do not need to register with the system for searches but are required to register to enter buyer or seller lots. Registration provides a haylist ID that allows you to easily revise, add or remove your lots. Buyer and seller lots can be searched by a number of parameters including forage type, form, geographic proximity and state or province. Lots remain in the system for 60 days.

If you have hay you would like to donate to livestock producers in flood or drought areas, note that in the Comments section of a normally-priced Seller listing.

Sellers assume all responsibility for accurately listing their haylots. Haylot information is not verified by the sponsoring organizations.

For additional information or assistance, please contact the Farm Information Line at 1-800-232-9077 or fil@umn.edu..

The Haylist is sponsored by the following organizations:

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Haylist is a cooperative effort of the Extension Services of Minnesota, Illinois, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

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