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The Haylist FAQ contains answers to many frequently asked questions regarding the Upper Midwest Haylist. If you do not find the information you need here you may contact Paul Peterson at 612-625-3747.

  1. When I enter my Haylist ID on the Account Access screen and hit return nothing happens. What's going on?
    On the Account Access screen, as well as several other entry screens within the application, if you use your ENTER key on the keyboard instead of clicking on the Enter button with the mouse, certain web browsers will simply clear the screen, as though you clicked the clear button. This is a bug we are working on fixing. In the meantime, use the mouse to click the Enter button or the tab key to highlight the Enter button before hitting the ENTER key or SPACEBAR on your keyboard.

  2. What is considered a haylot?/Can I just enter a bunch of hay and have people call me for specifics?
    A haylot is considered an amount of hay consisting of the same species or species mix, from the same cutting, at the same stage of maturity, cut at approximately the same time. Because the Upper Midwest Haylist is intended to function as a source actual current quantity, type, and price information, and not an advertisement location for hay brokers, please enter only haylots as defined in the above manner.

  3. What does the New Listing icon indicate?
    The New Listing icon indicates the associated listing has been added to the Upper Midwest Haylist within the past 7 days.

  4. Do I need to log out of/quit the haylist when I am done using it?
    When you enter your Haylist ID you are given access to modify your account data and work with your haylots. To prevent someone else from making changes to your account or haylots you should click on the quit button at the top portion of the Account Access screen when you are finished. For your security, the server will automatically log you off after 20 minutes of inactivity. You may log back on to the system by reentering your Haylist ID at the Account Access screen.

  5. Why are Canadian lots excluded from the proximity search and how can I find Canadian lots which are in the database?
    The proximity search requires detailed geographic information on zip or postal code boundaries. While we have been able to freely obtain this data for the U.S., we have not for Canada. In the meantime you may search Canadian lots by including one or more provinces in your search criteria and not using the proximity portion of the search.

  6. What is the Haylist's privacy policy?
    Haylot data you enter will be aggregated to create summary information such as is found in the Summary Data section. Additional analysis may be done by Extension Service forage researchers to assess the amount, quality, cost, type or other attributes of hay in various regions. The Extension Service does not give consent to anyone to gather any personal information from this site except for the purpose of contacting individuals regarding specific hay lots which they have posted here. At no time will the University of Minnesota Extension Service use personal information or release personal information to any third party without your written consent. Any violations of this privacy policy will result in immediate termination of accounts and/or legal action.

  7. How can I search for more than one type of hay or bale or state at a time?
    On the buyer or seller search pages the general search parameters are chosen through multiple select boxes. To select more than one item from the list, hold down the CTRL key as you click on an item. This will allow multiple items from the same select box to be selected as search parameters.

  8. How long will my seller or buyer lot remain in the Haylist?
    Seller or buyer lots will remain active in the Upper Midwest Haylist for 60 days.

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